How Much Does Concrete Grinding Cost in Perth?

concrete grinding

Are your older concrete floors or benchtops starting to show their age?

You don’t have to replace them completely. Instead, consider the benefits of concrete grinding, which can evenly smooth out the surface and prepare it for finishing touches to make it look just like new.

Concrete grinding is becoming an increasingly in-demand service as Perth homeowners and businesses alike rediscover the beauty and function of these versatile surfaces. People like the look of raw industrial elements like exposed brick walls and coated concrete floors paired with open floor plans, natural light, and neutral colours.

If you’re considering an update for your floors, you may want to consider concrete grinding. We’re taking a closer look at this service for both residential and commercial use to help you better understand the work and costs involved.

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First things first: Grinding is not polishing

This is an important distinction to keep in mind. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, the services have different purposes and outcomes.

Concrete grinding uses highly abrasive tools to smooth down rough textures for an even and level surface. From there, flooring experts can finish, seal, even epoxy the floor with a clean slate.

Concrete polishing, on the other hand, uses fine sanding equipment to really bring out the shine in the concrete flooring. It can be done after initial grinding is complete and is often a step before any final sealing or coating.

Is concrete grinding worth it?

Concrete grinding is a great way to get more life out of your concrete flooring. A grinder will take off a layer of concrete to remove residue, stains, and unevenness for a like-new look. This is often an essential step if you plan to treat, seal, or decorate your flooring.

This method is also much more sustainable and eco-friendly than attempting to replace an existing concrete substrate. There is minimal waste as a byproduct of concrete grinding, and a professional flooring expert will be sure to seal off the area to properly dispose of any dust or waste grit.

Grinding can also restore clean surfaces in high traffic working spaces that can build up with stains or odors over time. Using a grinder gives technicians control over just how much, or how little, material they remove to ensure a perfect-looking surface when the job is done.

What you’ll be left with is a fresh surface ready for guests, employees, or family to use safely.

Factors influencing the cost of your project

All concrete floors, and thus all concrete grinding jobs, are not the same. There are a few factors that go into determining the total cost of the job.

#1: Surface size

The larger the flooring to be worked on, the higher the cost. This itself is a factor of how much time, equipment, and manpower will be needed to get the job done in a timely manner..

#2: Condition

Is the flooring already level or do you need a professional service to level it out for you? Does your existing concrete have a lot of oil, residue, or staining that penetrated the surface? Damaged concrete can certainly be fixed with grinding down and away imperfections. Just keep in mind that more damage means more work and higher costs.

#3: Type

There are two general categories of concrete grinding: dry and wet. Each has its own specialised equipment requirements as well as methods for set up, clean up, and waste removal. The one best for your job will be used to determine your price.

What is the cost of concrete grinding in Perth?

The costs of concrete grinding can vary, so it is important to ask your service provider for upfront pricing so there are no surprises. This process is typically priced per square metre, and each project will have it’s own combination of factors that work out for the bottom line. You can use the table below for a rough idea of what concrete of what it will cost you.

Area in Square Metres Average Cost per Square Metre
0 – 100m2 $20 – $30
100 – 200m2 $10 – $20
200 – 1,000m2 $9 – $15

Since stairs and landings are trickier to work on, the costs of concrete grinding will be higher for these areas. On average, it will cost $40 – $70 per step. Extra long steps are usually charged per lineal metre. On the other hand, landings are charged around $90 – $120 per landing.

To grind stencil concrete (also known as spraycrete), a service will need to use diamond discs to successfully remove the upper layer coating. Due to the difficult nature of this job and the equipment required, it can cost between $30 – $70 per square metre.

Since commercial concrete grinding usually covers a larger area, there’s potential for larger discounts. On average, commercial concrete grinding in Perth costs around $5 – $20 per square metre. Just like with residential work, the actual cost of concrete grinding in an office space will depend on the materials used and the surface that will need to be worked on.

There are different materials that can get stuck to the concrete floors. Depending on what needs to be removed, the costs will vary. Here, we’ll give you an idea of the different substances that are usually removed and what they cost.

Material to be Removed Average Cost per Square Metre
Carpet Glue $10 – $60
Magnesite Residue $20 – $50
Epoxy Paint $20 – $60

The best concrete floors start from the ground up

You might be tempted to skip concrete grinding and move right on to resealing your floors. This will leave you with dirt and stains trapped below, compromising the integrity of your floor. It’s always best to prepare your floor properly. What’s more, leveling floors with concrete grinding in Perth can help enhance safety for everyone who uses your space.

Luckily, concrete grinding is left to the pros to take care of for you. Whether you’re looking for a small garage update or have a large commercial facility that needs a flooring refresh, Kwikcut has you covered. Our team is an industry leader in concrete cutting, coring, and grinding. We only employ licensed, insured, and expert professionals.

With over a decade of experience serving Perth and wider Western Australia, the Kwikcut team is focused on customer satisfaction and quality work. Request a fast free quote on 08 9408 6096 or online today to learn more!