How Long Does Concrete Grinding Take

Concrete Grinding

Find out how long it can take to take your slab from drab to fab including grinding and sealing.

If you’re in the market for concrete grinding (and sealing), you probably already know that slabs can get pretty worn out over time. While they’re remarkably durable, the surface can wear out, take on dirt and stains, or lose its luster. Concrete grinding is a fairly affordable way to inject new life into your flooring no matter where it’s located.

But many home and business owners hesitate to pursue this path because they’re concerned about how long the process can take. To allay those concerns, we’re taking a closer look at concrete grinding and what you can expect from the experience.

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Is grinding the same as polishing when it comes to concrete?

While they’re similar to one another, they aren’t the same process.

Polished concrete is that which is honed with fine grit abrasives to create a level of shine on the top surface layer of the concrete itself. Depending on the finish you want, the contractor can use different abrasives to achieve anything from a matte finish to a high gloss finish.

While concrete grinding and sealing can also produce a smooth finish, the process is a bit different. More concrete is typically removed from the surface during grinding, since leveling and removing imperfections is the focus of the job. Once that’s complete, technicians will also fill in any cracks in the flooring to smooth out the surface. From there, a second pass can be carried out to make sure everything is level. While the concrete might not have a shine from the grinding process, most concrete grinding is followed up with a sealant to protect it moving forward.

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What is concrete grinding best for?

Most residential and commercial concrete grinding is best for surfaces that have extensive wear and tear and need a layer removed in order to make the flooring usable or refreshed looking. Concrete grinding is often a go-to decision for people who have concrete surfaces that need:

  • Leveling due to imperfections
  • Paint removal
  • Epoxy removal
  • Deep stain removal

Even if you don’t plan to showcase your concrete flooring, grinding can be a vital step before installing a new flooring system on top. Grinding can ensure a level and even surface that can be optimal for installations of flooring like timber and tile. More modern homes, utility spaces such as garages, and commercial centers may prefer to pursue concrete grinding and then seal it to restore the surface as their flooring of choice.

How long does concrete griding take?

There’s no straight answer to this since it will largely depend on two key factors: the amount of flooring and the condition of the flooring.

The more surface area that needs to be gone over with a concrete grinder, the longer the project will take to complete. Add to that the condition of the flooring and the fact that floors with heavy stains, lots of cracks, or areas of extreme unevenness will require more time and attention to set right. Most passes with a standard machine will remove 1/16 of an inch of concrete. If more of the surface needs to be removed, more passes will be required, adding time to the total job.

However, concrete grinding jobs typically take between 3-5 days, and that includes sealing them to protect the surface. If you’re worried about downtime or access to your space, you can request a time frame along with an estimate from your service provider.

Is it really worth it to grind down existing concrete?

That depends on what you are comparing it to. Consider having the entire floor removed and repoured. In that case, you’re spending a lot more time and money to replace something that can be revitalized with just a few days of downtime and a concrete grinder.

And as we mentioned earlier, concrete grinding can help prepare a surface to receive other flooring systems. If your slab is uneven, it’s incredibly worthwhile to have it fixed before you install your new floors over top of it. You’ll save on time and effort for your installer to try to get your flooring done right and avoid awkward squeaking, settling, and even breakage rather than if you skipped this step.

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What else is involved in the process?

Concrete grinding itself is pretty straightforward. Your technician will choose the abrasive and number of passes needed to get your floors level, smooth, and clean once more. From there, the choice is up to you.

Most concreters will recommend taking the logical next step to seal your concrete if you are going to use it as your flooring system. Protective coating systems come in a number of different varieties. Clear coatings, such as epoxies or urethanes are available to help protect the flooring in different ways, and each has its own drying and curing times, which could add on to the total project length.

This is also a time where you can consider adding designer touches to your concrete floors. Many home and business owners choose to add colour such as a stain or colour sealer to add visual interest to their floors. There are also custom epoxy finishes that include anything from colour to flake and metallics to create a truly custom look.

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Concrete is a hardy product that can take a beating but lose its appeal over time. Grinding that concrete down a bit can make the surface look like new again without the hassle, and the expense, of installing a new slab. What’s more, you’ll save quite a lot over other flooring systems.

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