How Much Does Concrete Polishing Cost in Perth?

Concrete Polishing

You’re ready to update your concrete and enjoy a smooth, eye-catching, polished finish… but what will it cost you? Don’t answer that question. Because we’ve answered it for you right now.

Polished concrete floors are rising in popularity across Western Australia in more than just offices and commercial spaces. Perth homeowners are turning to this unique flooring option for a contemporary, easy-to-maintain flooring system that can last for decades.

But how much is it going to cost you to take your existing concrete slab from dull to delightful?

The price you pay will depend on a number of factors and the specific combination for your particular job. However, most polished floors cost between $60-$120 per square metre.

With such a wide range of prices available, let’s take a closer look at what goes into quoting concrete polishing cost and what you can expect for your home or business.

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What makes concrete polishing worthwhile?

One of the biggest benefits of this flooring style is that it can inject new life into an existing concrete slab.

This way, you don’t have to replace the entire floor or sub floor in order to have a completely new functional and aesthetically pleasing space. You can choose to go with a cleaned-up version of concrete grey or add dyes, sealants, or resins to the mix to create a completely custom design.

Polished concrete floors also require very minimal maintenance. Most are, at minimum, sealed to protect the concrete surface for years (and years) to come. That means that when it comes to cleaning, all you need to use is a vacuum, dust rag, or a slightly damp mop. No harsh chemicals or other materials are needed.

But enough about the (many) benefits waiting for you, let’s talk dollars and cents.

Factors that affect the cost of polished concrete

No two polished floors are priced the same, and that’s not just because of difference between Perth vendors.

Every floor, and every flooring job, is unique when it comes to the parameters of the project. To determine cost, an installer is going to consider a combination of the following factors.

#1 – Method

Not all concrete polishing is achieved in the same method. There are actually three main approaches of polishing: grind and seal, honing, and mechanical. The difference is in the equipment and materials used to produce the finish.

Concrete grinding and sealing can require an aggregate to create friction on the surface. Honed concrete includes a sealer as part of the treatment. And when going with a mechanical option, machines with diamond bits or different grit sandpaper are used to manually polish the material to a shine.

#2 – Condition

The actual condition of the existing concrete will play a big role in how much polishing is really needed. Rough surfaces, those with a lot of cracks or dents, or other sorts of damage are going to take a lot more effort to repair and then polish. Some projects may require more layers of concrete to be removed in order to produce both a polished and level shine.

#3 – Access

You’ll likely clear the space out so that the workers can access the flooring, but how accessible the spaces are that need to be polished is another matter. Lots of crevices or cut outs add time to the project, which will be reflected in the cost. Wide open spaces where more than one technician can work at the same time could help speed up the process and save in the long run.

#4 – Size

The overall space you need polished is also going to be a big factor. While different issues are going to influence the price accordingly, most flooring jobs are quoted in terms of the cost per square metre. That means that the larger the area is that needs to be polished, the more you can expect to pay for the job.

#5 – Polish

Not only are there different ways to polish a floor, but there are also different levels of actual polish that can be achieved with the machinery available. Different products or grits can be used to create matte, satin, or high gloss looks as well as non-slip options that have safety in mind.

#6 – Timing

We’re not just talking about how long the job will take to complete, although that is certainly part of it. If you are having a newly poured slab polished for new construction, before any walls or other impediments are put up, that can drastically reduce how long it takes for the polishing to be completed.

And that, in turn, can lower the cost. You can still have existing concrete floors polished in a finished building or home. It will just take a little more time and finesse on behalf of the technicians to navigate walls, cut outs, and trim work.

#7 – Extras

One of the most appealing parts of a polished floor is the different design options you can add on top. Many homeowners and business owners alike use polished concrete flooring as the base for additional options and coatings.

For example, you can have an epoxy resin installed on top to better protect the concrete underneath. That resin can be tinted or dyed with any number of colours, metallics, or even flakes to add dimension and give a new look to your polished and coated floor. Of course, all of these extras will cost extra as well.

By the numbers: The cost of concrete polishing in Perth

So what is all of this polishing going to cost you?

Well, clearly it depends on the combination of factors for your project. As a general rule, most concrete polishing costs between $60-$120 per square metre, often dictated by the method used.

Polishing Method Cost per Square Metre
Grind and Seal $60-$70
Honed $80-$90
Mechanical $100-$120

So, for an average kitchen sized 15m2 with polished concrete floors, you’re looking at between $900-$1,800. But these prices are just a guideline for your budgeting. You’ll want to get an exact quote for the service for your specific project.

Remember those decorative finishes? You will have to pay for them too:

Polishing Method Cost per Square Metre
Epoxy coating $30-$35
Flake $80-$120
Dye or metallics $60-$100

With all of that, what sort of extra costs can you expect to pay for?

Well, once your floors are in place, there actually are none. Polished concrete floors can last for decades depending on how much foot traffic they are subjected to, and in homes you can expect to have your flooring in great condition for 20-30 years on average. There’s no extra fee for maintenance, and cleaning is a breeze. Simply vacuum or dust as needed to keep the floor clean.

Enhance your floors with Kwikcut’s polishing services

Polished concrete is an environmentally friendly, long-lasting flooring system with high performance in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Known for their combination of durability and design, your new floors will be sure to stand out for family gatherings and even future potential buyers. Look to spend between $60-$120 per square metre as an investment in your space.

But for more accurate pricing, you’ll want to call the team at Kwikcut. Our pros can provide you with a fast free quote for your exact space, based on your exact needs. There’s no job too big or too small for our experienced group of fully licensed and insured technicians.

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