How Much Does Concreting Cost in Perth? [Definitive Price Guide]

Concrete Remediation

Concrete is a robust and durable material that can handle everything your Perth home or business throws at it – but how much does it cost? On average, concrete will set you back anywhere from $50 to $150 per m2.

Read on to find out what variables impact your cost and how to score a great deal on your next concreting project.

Concrete is the second most used material on earth so there’s a good chance your Perth home or business relies on the strength and durability of concrete day in and day out.

But if you’re thinking of adding a concrete surface, whether a plain slab or a stylish polished concrete floor, you’ll want to know how much it will cost you. From driveways to commercial floors and everything in between, the price of concrete will depend on the size and scope of your job.

Broadly speaking, concreting can cost between $50 to $150 per square metre.

But you’re not here for an average amount, so let’s break down the factors impacting the price of concrete work and help you plan a budget that works for you.

Let’s dive right in.

How much does concreting cost in Perth?

Partnering with a Perth concreting company is a quick and easy way to get your next home improvement or commercial renovation project up and running – but not all concrete services are equal.

You’ll need to take into account the type of job required. This includes both the concrete finish as well as the amount of prep work required. Naturally, an uneven surface that requires grinding before a decorative finish is applied, will cost more than a simple concrete slab.

Consider the following breakdown of average prices in Perth, Western Australia.

Concrete Service Average Cost
Spray-on concrete $50 to $75 per m2
Plain concrete $50 to $85 per m2
Polished concrete $50 to $60 per m2
Reinforced concrete $65 to $90 per m2
Coloured concrete $75 to $95 per m2
Exposed aggregate concrete $100 to $150 per m2
Stencilled concrete $100 to $150 per m2
Stamped concrete $120 to $150 per m2

What factors affect the cost of a concrete service?

It’s tough to Google “how much does concreting cost in Perth?” and find a straight answer.

While it’s true each flooring business will set its own prices based on its experience and skills, there are also several important variables to take into account that affect your final quote.

Here’s a breakdown of these factors.

#1 – Concrete type

Long gone are the days when concrete was dull, drab, and grey. While plain concrete is still a popular option, with multiple concrete choices on offer, your budget will be impacted by the finish that meets your needs. The most popular concrete types include:

Coloured concrete: Through the addition of colour, regular concrete becomes, well…coloured concrete! You’ll see this type outdoors, often in the form of paving stones or decorative surfaces.

Cost: $75 to $95 per m2

Exposed aggregate concrete: This is created by removing the top layer to reveal the aggregate inside. Aggregate can be in the form of crushed stone, sand, gravel, or many more natural stone variations. Often used outdoors thanks to its extreme durability.

Cost: $100 to $150 per m2

Stamped concrete: Textured or embossed to mimic the appearance of natural stone, wood, or tile, stamped concrete excels indoors or around pools with an aesthetic advantage that’s tough to ignore.

Cost: $120 to $150 per m2

Stencilled concrete: Stencilled patterns are added to plain concrete to create an affordable (but no less gorgeous) alternative to stamped concrete. Stencilled concrete can be used indoors and outdoors in your Perth home or business.

Cost: $100 to $150 per m2

#2 – Project size

Concreting costs are typically priced per hour, often including labour and materials. That means your costs will go up as the size of your concreting job goes up. A small backyard space will cost less to concrete than a large, industrial garage.

#3 – Concreting job

Not all concreting projects are created equal. The term ‘concreting’ is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of services are skill sets. For example, before applying a polished concrete finish, you may need concrete grinding to remove surface irregularities and provide the smooth surface needed for the finished job.

Some of the most common concreting jobs in Perth include:

Concreting Jobs Average Cost
Concrete Grinding $20 to $60 per m2
Concrete Pool Construction $50,000 to $75,000
Concrete Removal $35 to $50 per m2
Concrete Slab $50 to $150 per m2
Concrete Sealing $149 to $220 per 20L
Driveway Construction $65 to $150 per m2


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How much does it cost to repair concrete?

Concrete has a reputation for being tough and long-lasting, but cracks and damage may still occur over time. If you’ve woken up to an unsightly crack in your concrete driveway, or your commercial space is showing signs of wear and tear, it helps to know what to budget.

As with any aspect of concreting (or home improvement in general), the cost will depend on the damage. A minor crack in a poolside paver will be significantly cheaper to fix than a cracked slab.

Concrete repair can involve removing the damaged section, applying epoxy adhesives to level out cracks, or applying a new layer of concrete, so it’s best to speak to your local Perth concreters for an accurate quote.

As a ballpark figure, concrete resurfacing costs between $100 and $150 per m2 – or an average project rate of $3,000 to $4,500. However, smaller cracks can be as economical as $250 all up.

For an accurate quote, reach out to a member of our friendly team on (08) 9408 6096 or request a fast and free quote online.

How much does it cost to pour a concrete slab?

If you’re preparing for a new home or construction project, you’ll be using concrete slabs to provide an affordable, durable, and protective foundation.

An average slab in Perth can set you back anywhere from $70 to $100 per m2. This figure will depend on variables like the accessibility of your Perth property ( a sloping block is going to be more difficult, require more tools and labour, and thus be more expensive), as well as the thickness of your slab.

Looking to save money on your next concreting project?

While Perth’s average labour cost will see you spending $40 to $55 per m2, it’s always best to request an itemised quote from your concrete company. This will help you determine the total cost and whether it includes labour and materials.

You’ll be able to find cheaper prices by contacting a handful of local companies (we recommend between three and five) but be careful jumping at the cheapest price. Your concrete surface needs to be properly installed to ensure it stays strong for decades, so be sure to do your homework before choosing a provider.

Whether checking out their project gallery (you can view ours here), or requesting an obligation-free quote without making any financial commitment, you’ve now got all the info you need to find a cost-effective concreting team full of licensed and qualified experts.

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