How to Choose the Best Concrete Polishing Provider in Perth

How to Choose the Best Concrete Polishing Provider

Trust your next concrete polishing project to Perth’s best contracting team with our simple, proven and money-saving tips.


Polished concrete has exploded in popularity in recent years.


Once found in commercial settings and restaurants only, it’s now common to find striking polished concrete floors in Perth homes with homeowners taking advantage of these cost-effective, low-maintenance and highly durable floors.


However, choosing the right concrete polishing team is a huge decision.


The right call can leave you with a surface you love for years (and decades) to come. But the wrong choice can light your money on fire and leave you with serious buyer’s remorse (not to mention a floor that took countless hours to install and still makes you cringe).


So, to get the perfect look and finish you’re after, you’ll need to do more than choose the first name on Google or pick the concreter with the lowest prices. Thankfully, you don’t need to go it alone. At Kwikcut, we’ve got over a decade of experience using the latest technologies to meet all concrete cutting, grinding, drilling and polishing needs.


If you’re ready to enjoy the (many) benefits of polished concrete, here are the most important criteria you need to take into account.

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What should I look for when hiring a concrete polishing team in Perth?


You’ve decided on polished concrete for the low-maintenance, aesthetically-pleasing and cost-effective advantages it brings – great choice! But how do you whittle down the list of available Perth concreters to find the best team for you?

The truth is, every concrete polishing sales pitch or website can start to look the same after a while. So whether you’ve spent the last hour on Google or been receiving quotes from local concreters, there are a few criteria you can use to separate the best from the rest

Experience and expertise


Experience is how long a concreting team has been in business. Expertise is whether they specialise in polished concrete jobs. You want both. It’s easy to find bargain basement prices that seem too good to be true – but buyer beware. These may come from young businesses looking to attract clients without a track record of excellence to back them up. 


Polishing concrete is more than a quick hit with a grinder. Heavy-duty machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond are used to deliver the exact smoothness and shine you want, and this job requires experience and expertise.


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Testimonials and reviews


Don’t let a flashy website fool you. The quality of a concrete polishing team can be found in their reviews online and word of mouth. Ask friends and family for recommendations to get a feel for the trusted teams in your Perth suburb. A concrete polishing job is a major investment whether it’s your home,  business or other space – so take the time to find a company with a reputation for quality work and a high level of after-sales support.


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Quotes and warranties


Your polished concrete surface should stand up to practically anything you can throw at it, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than a peace of mind warranty you deserve. When it comes to concrete jobs, you’ll need to ask about TWO types of warranties: workmanship and material. 


While most concreters guarantee their workmanship for one year, manufacturers often provide warranties for five to ten years. Be sure to ask about any product or installation warranties to protect your investment now and in the future.


Any Perth concreting team worth their salt will also be happy to provide obligation-free quotes to help you compare your options. Why not put Kwikcut to the test and claim a 100% obligation-free quote now?


“Yes, I want a FREE quote”

Questions to ask a concrete polishing team before you start


Once you’ve got a shortlist of possible concretors, it’s time to start interviewing people and getting a feel for their approach and professionalism. Keep in mind, whoever you choose will be working in your Perth home or business, so go with your gut. If something feels off, it probably is!


We’re already covered the top criteria for choosing a contracting team,, so these questions should come as no surprise:


  • “How many years of experience do you have doing this kind of work?”
  • “Do you manage the project or delegate it to sub-contractors?”
  • “How stain-resistant will polished concrete be”
  • “What customer references can I chat with?”
  • “How long will my project take to complete?”
  • “Will the polishing process be disruptive?”
  • “Do you offer workmanship warranties?”

Is it worth hiring professionals to polish my concrete?




Concrete polishing is not an easy DIY job to tackle on your spare weekends. Polishing concrete requires heavy-duty machinery and special diamond tools to grind concrete in preparation for polishing. Although you can borrow or rent the machinery needed, you’ll be looking at a concrete grinder, a range of grinding disks in a variety of grits (from 30 to 3,000) plus polishing pads.


On top of all this, failing to create a perfectly even surface can leave noticeable ridges or structural weaknesses that invite cracks and damage over time.


So while it’s possible to DIY polish your own concrete floors, the money spent hiring a professional team with years of experience is an investment that pays dividends in a strong, long-lasting and durable floor.


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How to Choose the Best Concrete Polishing Provider
How to Choose the Best Concrete Polishing Provider

Choose Kwikcut for the best concrete polishing in Perth


The key to picking the right concreting team comes down to communication.


It’s impossible to get a true sense of a company’s approach, experience and customer service without reaching out for a quote, or even a quick chat over the phone. At Kwikcut, we’re happy to answer all of the questions above (and any others that you might have) to show you what makes us stand out as Perth’s leading concrete team.


With highly trained, licensed and fully insured tradespeople making up our diverse and experienced team, we work with concrete in all forms so whether you need it removed, installed or improved, we can help.


We can also help you plan your next concrete project whether you’re stuck on design, colours, finish or any other choice. With 100% customer satisfaction as our goal, we’re ready to partner with you on a project that suits your needs – and your budget – and with fast and 100% obligation-free quotes you’ll have honest and transparent prices upfront.

Get started now by contacting a member of the team on (08) 9408 6096 or request a quote online!