Pros and Cons of Concrete Grinding

Concrete Grinding

Prep your slab for the new flooring and finishing in your remodeling project by understanding the benefits and disadvantages of concrete grinding.

Slab starting to look a little drab? Interested in refinishing your floors but need a solid surface that’s free from imperfections to start out with? Look no further than concrete grinding.

Concrete grinding is a process that can be performed on existing slab surfaces to inject new life into them and prepare them for other project use. This process includes taking abrasives and working them against the surface to remove roughness from surfaces for a smooth finish.

Of course, if you have never had to work with a concrete grinding service before, you might be wondering what to expect from the process and your provider. We’re here to shed some light on the pros and cons of concrete grinding in Perth so you can better prepare for your project.

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Why you need concrete grinding even if you aren’t refinishing your slab

Concrete grinding is a popular service for any work that needs to be done on a less than stellar surface. Most commonly, homeowners and businesses looking to refinish their floor with concrete polishing or epoxy flooring will need their floors removed of any imperfections first, a process taken care of with proper grinding or honing.

But even if you aren’t planning to show off your slab, your flooring can still benefit from hiring a concrete grinding service. Grinding removes inconsistencies in the concrete, like bumps or divots, that can make the surface uneven. Removing these, in turn, can help make other flooring applications like hardwood or carpet install more evenly and smoothly.

Concrete grinding does more than just remove bumps and dents. It also removes everything from stubborn stains to glue remnants, paint, dirt, and existing epoxies. All of this can be done without removing or replacing the slab itself, giving you creative freedom to move forward with the flooring system of your dreams.

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Is concrete grinding a long-lasting solution?

It absolutely can be. Grind and seal applications can last upwards of 10 years depending on how hard you are on your floors and how much traffic they experience. Adding flooring on top, whether an epoxy or other installed solution like timber, can extend the life of the concrete below it.

Concrete grinding also helps perfect the surface without removing as much concrete as you might imagine. Most grinders remove no more than 3mm at a time, a very minute amount when compared to the total thickness of the slab. So if your slab has already be honed before, it’s still quite likely that there’s plenty of surface for your concreter to work with and grind again for a new finish.

The benefits of concrete grinding for flooring systems of all sorts

Concrete grinding services are provided to prepare floors for a new system installation. While this can range from anything like epoxy to tiling, all flooring systems benefit from the pros of concrete grinding.

#1: Restore surfaces

First and foremost, you are not forced to rip up or pour a new slab for your flooring system if you turn to concrete grinding instead. This approach can bring new life to your surface without the mess, cost, and environmental impact of completely replacing what you already have.

#2: Durability

Honing your existing surfaces can actually add to the integrity of the concrete over time. Removing blemishes and unevenness can make the surface more wearable in the long run and give you more life from the existing slab, no matter what flooring system you install over top of it.

#3: Cost

Grinding down an existing slab is considerably less expensive than trying to remove and install a new one. Not only that, but you can also save on the installation of other flooring systems. Honed concrete is a better receptor of epoxy floors, which often need to be level and even for a proper application. Installing tiles or timber over an uneven floor can also compromise the installation and add additional costs to the process as the installers grapple with evening things out themselves. Grind down your concrete to a perfectly smooth surface, and you’ll save in the long run.

#4: Design

Griding down an old slab can make it look like brand new, with sometimes surprising results. Removing old paint, dents, or stains from a garage slab, for example, can allow homeowners to turn a once drab space into a streamlined area for hobbies and storage. Concrete can have a contemporary aesthetic and, when polished and sealed, can become a design element of its own in any space.

#5: Texture

One thing that you don’t have to worry about is that honed concrete will be too slippery to walk or work on. Professional technicians can use just the right amount of grit and pressure to remove and hone the concrete to a level that meets your needs. This means that you can still have a textured surface that is safe to use on a daily basis.

The cons of concrete grinding and what to consider before getting started

When you opt for a grind and seal, you’re going to wind up with a suitable flooring system that meets your expectations. What some homeowners and business owners fail to consider, however, is that the process itself is a slower one that can create a bit of a mess. That’s why it’s important to choose a provider that uses the latest technology and equipment to keep dust and debris to a minimum. Be sure to ask whether wet or dry grinding methods are used and the types of tools that are leveraged to reduce messes.

Another factor to consider is that not every floor can be made perfect through grinding. Be aware that if you have significant deep trenches or cracks in your flooring, you may need to have that repaired before grinding can commence. Remember, grinding can only remove existing material; it can’t be used to backfill large portions of missing or damaged concrete.

Lastly, depending on the flooring system that you’re looking to achieve, grinding is only the start and a portion of the budget you should set aside for your project. Most people who are installing systems like hardwood understand this since they expect their timber to be installed over the concrete once it has been prepared.

But one mistake fans of concrete make is thinking grinding is all they need to go with an ultra-modern concrete floor. Concrete grinding is just the start of a true concrete flooring system. To protect the surface, and those walking on it, these floors also need to be sealed and protected. Many finishes you see in galleries and portfolios are also achieved by concrete polishing for an extra shiny look before they are sealed. Finally, all of these need to happen before you can consider installing any kind of epoxy flooring over your slab.

Start with a clean slate of a slab with Kwikcut

No matter what your desired outcome is, concrete grinding is a great first step for taking an old slab and turning it into something usable once more. Honing existing concrete can help you get more life out of the floors you already have and provide a stable and solid surface for any system you decide to install on top.

Create a clean slate out of your slab with the team at Kwikcut. We’re Perth’s most trusted experts when it comes to all things concrete and can help you achieve the outcome you need with your existing slab. Our trained technicians are able to assess any slab and provide next steps for exactly what’s needed to achieve your goals. All of this can take place during a fast, free, no-obligation quote for your exact flooring.

With more than a decade of experience, we’re confident that we’ll be able to create the concrete look you are looking for. The team at Kwikcut guarantees every project, no matter the size, and puts customer satisfaction as a priority.

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