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wall chasing

Wall Chasing

With precision work like this you need a reputable company with a team that knows what they are doing. With Kwikcut, comes our dedicated and highly trained technicians working on your concrete chasing project. We believe we have the most detail-oriented and trusted team on the market today, and it shows.

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Floor Sawing

Floor, Wall and Wire Sawing

Kwikcut has become a trusted name when it comes to quality concrete sawing services. No matter what your concrete sawing needs are, our experienced, reliable and dedicated staff will be there to make sure that your project will be taken care of in a timely, professional manner.

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bitumen cutting

Cutting and Removal of Bitumen

Kwikcut is also available for bitumen removal, keeping you from having to deal with the mess of undertaking this task on your own.Our team of skilled technicians are all extensively trained on our array of top-notch bitumen removal tools, always putting safety first. You can be sure that when you trust your project to Kwikcut, you are putting it in the best hands possible. to take your project to the next level.

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Core Drilling 800x530

Core Drilling

Kwikcut is the most trusted name in the industry when it comes to concrete coring. For the past 10 years we have provided our clients with the highest quality concrete coring services available on the market today. With a highly trained, friendly and knowledgeable staff operating with only the highest quality tools, we can proudly say that Kwikcut’s concrete coring services are second to none.

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Concrete Sawing

Concrete Cutting and Removal

Kwikcut can guarantee that what you have in mind for your concrete project is exactly what you are going to get. Of course, once the cutting is done, you are not going to want to deal with that extra concrete yourself. Our team will leave your work site or project area clean and clear of concrete, allowing you to focus on completing your project.

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Demolition 800x530


No matter the size of your job, give Kwikcut a call to learn how we can help you complete your project efficiently and in a timely manner. Our extensive client list boasts an array of projects – both large and small and our repeat customers can vouch for the professional work of our demolition crew.

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wet sandblasting

Wet Sand Blasting

One of the most popular services kwikcut offers is wet sand blasting. It is highly effective ways to outline or shred and smooth a surface of any foreign material. Generally, sand blasting has an effect similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides smoother results even on angles. The process of sand blasting is to restore and preserve the fresh look for certain materials. After the process has been implemented, materials or surfaces look new and clean all over again.

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concrete scanning

Concrete Scanning

We are a highly skilled and professional team that performs Concrete Scanning. As a matter of fact, concrete scanning is also one of the most important and popular services that our company provides.

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concrete flooring polish

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is the cheapest and most efficient way to transform a bare concrete floor into a versatile piece of flooring that looks great and has very few maintenance requirements. It is ideal for a wide range of situations including warehouses, hotels, offices, retail stores, and private homes.

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