Below we have listed the complete information you need to know about concrete polishing.

Concrete polishing in Perth is becoming too popular, and some of the reasons are:

  • It gives a modern look you want for your home
  • Enhance the overall value and beauty of your space
  • Increase the resale value of your property
  • Offers comfort to your family


To polish your concrete, you’ll need to scrape any defects, smoothen the surface by buffing it, and then use a sealer to preserve your overall work. The method is easy but it requires expertise to be able to achieve the highest quality results.


A polished concrete floor has many benefits:

Transform Bare Concrete Into a Polished Decorative Floor

Concrete polishing is the cheapest and most efficient way to transform a bare concrete floor into a versatile piece of flooring that looks great and has very few maintenance requirements. It is ideal for a wide range of situations including warehouses, hotels, offices, retail stores, and private homes.

Polished Concrete Is An Environmentally-Conscious Choice

Polished flooring is a “green” flooring option:

  • It uses the original foundation – so no further materials needed.
  • It does not require any coatings or toppings that are bad for the environment.
  • It Is long lasting so won’t need to be replaced for decades.
  • Cleaning is easy and doesn’t require strong chemicals.
  • Highly-reflective, it reduces the amount of lighting needed in the room.


Cost Savings vs. Other Floor Materials

Because it does not require any further materials and has a long lifespan, polished concrete offers significant cost savings over other floor materials. For example, a carpeted alternative requires additional materials, will need to be replaced multiple times during the lifespan of the alternative concrete floor, and will be harder and more costly to maintain and keep clean.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Polished concrete floors resist staining and can be kept clean with regular damp mopping. This saves employee time and ensures your floor is always looking great.


The overall cost reflects the amount of labour and materials necessary to deliver your desired outcome. The three main factors are the current condition of the floor, the size of the floor, and the level of polish you require in your finished floor. If you are ready to consider a price for your job, please contact our team so we can quote you a price.


Our work starts the moment you decide you want a polished concrete floor. A member of our team will perform a free site visit to discuss your options with you and provide a quote for our work. Upon acceptance, we’ll then book you in for the polishing process as soon as possible.

On the day, we’ll use a series of progressively finer grinding and polishing pads to deliver the finish you want. The amount of work will depend on the current condition of the floor and the desired level of polish. During this process, we may use sealers and densifiers to help create a long-lasting impermeable finish.


We’re a popular choice for Perth homes and businesses:

  • We’ve got more than a decade of experience in the industry
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Our highly-trained teams deliver professional results every time
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Trusted by many Perth homeowners and businesses
  • Expertise includes concrete cutting, removal, grinding, polishing and more


Fully-qualified, highly-experienced and ready for action: our team is your perfect partner for concrete polishing projects. We use the latest equipment and are fully insured and licensed; customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We take residential and commercial projects, and no job is too big or too small.

Need some help with concrete flooring? Contact our team today for your FREE estimate.

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