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The deterioration of concrete can cause serious structural issues, ranging from smallest residential complexes to civil structures and large commercial buildings. This is usually caused by atmospheric and environmental conditions. Triggering corrosion of reinforcement steel and cracking of concrete outer layers. Kwikcut has extensive experience in repairing and fixing deterioration of concrete structures.

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What is concrete cancer?

Concrete remediation is the treatment of concrete cancer. Concrete cancer is caused when reinforcement steel within a concrete slab begins to rust. Once the corrosion starts the steel expands causing the surrounding concrete to crack, known as spalling. The impact of spalling leads to a tragic compromise of the structural integrity. Flat concrete roofs and pools are particularly vulnerable to water driven concrete cancer if they are not adequately sealed.

Signs of concrete cancer include:
– Bubbling of concrete render.
– Rust stains which leak out within the concrete
– Crazing and cracking of the concrete.
– Leaks which appear in the overhead concrete surfaces.

What are the causes of concrete cancer?

Common reasons for concrete cancer include:
– Inadequate preparation of reinforcing steel when the concrete was poured.
– Any unsealed gaps within concrete slabs which allow moisture to seep through into cracks and voids.
– The use of two different types of reinforcement metals in close proximity to each other causing a chemical reaction.
– General wear and tear or stress fractures which allow water to penetrate the concrete and react with the steel.

How do you fix concrete cancer?

Moderate concrete cancer can be fixed by removing damaged concrete. Cleaning and replacing the rusted steel and by filling cracks. Using our specialist equipment and knowledge this can be done quickly and effectively.

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