Top 6 Concrete Polishing Benefits for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is a stylish and practical way to upgrade the flooring in your home and business. Below we’ve listed the top 6 benefits that our clients experience when they upgrade their floors to polished concrete:

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Benefit 1: Polished Concrete Is Beautiful

Most people associate concrete with grey, unpolished slabs. We know – it doesn’t look great. But concrete doesn’t have to look like that. With the right tools, a skilled worker can polish concrete to a high sheen that looks incredible. Polished concrete is the perfect fit for a contemporary home or a business that values both beauty and practicality.

Benefit 2: Concrete Polishing Can Upgrade Your Existing Concrete Floor

Have you got bare unpolished floors? Forget carpets or wooden flooring, polishing is the cheapest way to transform that dull slab into something that looks great. The big benefit here is that you’ve already got the raw ingredients in place; upgrading what you’ve got is far quicker and more cost-efficient than trying to cover it up with something new.

Benefit 3: Concrete’s Longevity Delivers Substantial Savings

Concrete is tough, and polished concrete is even tougher. The sealers and densifiers added during the polishing process ensure that your polished concrete floor will last much longer than a carpet or wooden floor. Over the lifetime of your floor, you could potentially save the cost of several carpets. What’s more, when the concrete floor does become worn you can simply polish it again. This makes polished concrete ideal for high traffic areas in your home or business.

Benefit 4: Concrete Polishing Increases Slip Resistance

With its glossy appearance, many people mistakenly assume polished concrete is slippery. However, polishing concrete actually increases its slip resistance. Additives used in the polishing process can further improve slip resistance if required, and polished concrete performs favourably compared to alternatives such as marble flooring. Optimum slip resistance does rely on regular cleaning to avoid the build-up of contaminants, but polished concrete is very easy to clean.

Benefit 5: Concrete is The Green Option

Businesses and homeowners who are seeking environmentally-friendly options for their home often dismiss concrete, but it is often the best flooring choice for the environment. The reason for this is that polished concrete flooring isn’t using extra materials – it’s making use of the existing foundation and additional materials are not required.

Additionally, the finished floor is long lasting, so won’t need further work for many years, and is easy to clean, while will reduce the need for strong cleaning chemicals. And because it’s highly-reflective, it can even lower the amount of lighting required in the room.

Benefit 6: Concrete is Low Maintenance

While polished concrete will require regular maintenance, the effort required to keep it clean is minimal compared to most other floorings. In most cases, a damp mop will be all that is required to keep it clear.

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