What Is The Cost Of Concrete Cutting And Removal Services?

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutters are useful in many instances – perhaps you need some concrete removed for an extension, or maybe you want to replace outdoor concrete with a different material.

Whatever the reason, you’ll need to know the price of a high quality concrete cutter. You won’t make much headway with a hammer and chisel when it comes to concrete!

Let’s take a look at the cost of concrete cutting and removal services in Western Australia. Understand that most concrete cutting and removal services will need to do a site inspection before they will generate a quote.

Criteria Affecting Concrete Cutting

When generating a quote for your concrete cutting and removal project, the contractor will take into account the following criteria:

  • Concrete Type – Exposed aggregate will cost more to cut in comparison to plain concrete.
  • Surface Type – Contractors will charge differently depending on the surface type, such as walls, curbs, floors, ceiling, etc.
  • Concrete Depth – This is a prime consideration. Deeper concrete will need more time as well as specialised equipment to cut properly. Heavier tools are used for flat surfaces and take less time.
  • Concrete Cutting Equipment – Related to the last point. If the company has to use hand saws, then the work might run more slowly. Radar scanning might sometimes be used to detect obstructions within concrete. Heavy duty equipment costs far more to use.
  • Total Surface Area – Obviously, the bigger the surface area, the more you are going to have to pay.
  • The Contractor – Some contractors are going to be cheaper than others. This will largely depend on the experience of the business.

With many industries, such as carpentry or tiling, you will get a quote per square meter. But concrete cutting is a little different in the sense that you can get a quote per cubic meter. This is because depth plays a huge consideration in this area. It’s all about how difficult it is to cut through.

Price Breakdown: Concrete Cutting Costs in WA

The following table will outline what you can expect to pay in Western Australia for concreting. The price for a concrete cutter is around $70 per hour in Western Australia. You might get new contractors for as low as $40 per hour and specialised services that charge $100 and above per hour.

Compared to laying down concrete, concrete cutting prices are less standardised and more complex to compute. It depends on the tools that need to be used, the type of concrete, the total surface area, the depth, and whether it is a wall or flat surface. There are many dimensions to it. Generally, however, the following two tables should provide you with a rough outline of the price of hand saw services.

Bear in mind that for concrete thicker than 100mm, it is likely that a ring saw or hydraulic saw will be used. The Rate/LM will increase drastically but the completion time will also be reduced. In any case, the contractor will advise on the best choice to get the job done.

Concrete Wall (Hand Saw)
Depth (MM) Rate/LM
25 $10
30 $10
50 $15
75 $21
100 $30
125 $40
150 $48
Concrete Floor (Hand Saw)
Depth (MM) Rate (LM)
25 $7
30 $7
50 $12
75 $17
100 $23
125 $28
150 $33

Price Breakdown: Concrete & Concreting Prices WA

Related to concrete cutting and removal is the price of laying down concrete and the price of the concrete itself. The following table outlines the cost of various kinds of concrete and concrete services in Western Australia. You will have to pay more in delivery fees if your supplier is located far away. Obviously, you can save money by buying bigger slabs.

Service/Concrete Cost Typical Price
Hourly Rate $60 – $80
Lay Down A Medium Slab $50 – $80 Per Square Meter
Rough Average Per Cubic Meter $250 – $350 Per Cubic Meter.
Plain Concrete $60 – $80 Per Square Meter
Spray On Concrete $50 – $70 Per Square Meter
Polished Concrete $50 – $60 Per Square Meter
Reinforced Concrete $70 – $90 Per Square Meter
Coloured Concrete $80 – $100 Per Square Meter
Exposed Aggregate Finish Concrete $100 – $150 Per Square Meter

Concrete Removal in Western Australia

Concrete removal is often more straightforward to compute than cutting and laying it down. The price for concrete removal in WA is in the region of $30 – $50 per square meter. This is for non-recycled concrete. Recycled concrete is a little cheaper to get rid of.

Most often, concrete removal is tied in with another service that will be provided to you. If you are replacing old concrete with new, then it often works out better to let the same company execute both of these functions, and you can benefit from a superior rate.

Remember that preparation, demolition, drilling and removal are separate to the distinct field of concrete cutting. But you will often find companies that complete all of these functions. Make sure you understand the process in depth. This will help you to get accurate quotes and compare them against the many different contractors out there.

Conclusion: Concrete Cutting and Removal Prices in WA

Concrete cutting and removal occupies a unique place in terms of cost and pricing. The added dimension of depth plays a key role, as does the fact that there are different charges for different equipment.

You will pay around $70 an hour and between $30 – $50 per square meter for removal services in WA. For concrete cutting, more information is needed even to give general quotes. Your best bet is to call up local businesses and quote around.

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What exactly is concrete cutting?

The name is pretty self-descriptive. You might need concrete removed if you are building an extension or if you want to replace it with something else. A specialised concrete cutter is used to cut through the concrete and the slab is then disposed of. However, what is not as intuitive is that concrete cutting and concrete drilling are 2 separate things. You may have to approach different companies. The deeper a slab of concrete, the harder it is to cut.

Can I DIY concrete cutting to lower costs?

Not really. There is a level of skill involved and there is a whole lot of risk. For instance, a handheld concrete dry saw should not be used to cut more than 1.5 inches deep. It also has to cool down between cuts. Of course, one of the biggest issues is health and safety, as the concrete particles are airborne and can cause respiratory illness if you are not protected. There are fewer health and safety concerns with wet concrete cutting and it is also easier to accomplish as the saw can cut for longer periods with rests.

How can I find a good concrete cutting contractor?

Your best bet is to use a local contractor that has been in business for longer than 10 years and that specialises in concrete. Getting a general builder to execute your concrete services can often be a recipe for disaster. And make sure they are licenced and insured. When you have done the basics, get a sense of the company when you call them up. If the business is not friendly with a proactive attitude to customer service, save yourself the hassle.

All these elements are taken care of if you want to call Kwikcut. We take customer care seriously and are a hard working, fast-acting, professional and down to earth concrete cutting team of industry-leading professionals.

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