What is Wet Sand Blasting and its Benefits?

wet sandblasting

What is wet sandblasting and its benefits? Read this insightful article to find out more and how Kwikcut can help you with your needs.

Since the early 50s wet sandblasting has become an alternative to dry sandblasting. Wet sandblasting incorporates an additional factor into its composition, namely liquid.

This provides a smoother, more uniform finish to the end product in that it makes use of the combination of abrasive materials and compressed air to achieve this desirable result.

Companies such as Kwikcut possess the necessary knowledge and skill to provide wet sandblasting solutions to Perth and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

The Benefits of Wet Sand Blasting

By adding an abrasive solid material with H20, a slurry-like consistency is created. The addition of compressed air provides a suitable surface from a mechanical perspective that can be applied in several different areas.

With the various control measures in place, wet sandblasting is a process that can be governed more effectively than its counterparts and also present an array of exciting benefits when water is added to the mix.

Some of the primary advantages of using companies such as Kwikcut for your wet sandblasting needs include:

A decrease in running costs

When it comes to maintenance and time spent, wet sandblasting can save users many costs compared to other sandblasting processes. The combination of H20 and air pressure, dramatically reduce the amount of abrasive material needed to complete the project.

Eco-Friendly solutions

Every person on this planet has a responsibility to seek alternate ways of life that are friendly to the environment. With wet sandblasting as an eco-friendly solution, companies such as Kwikcut can assist with suitable alternatives that are not harmful to the environment.

Exercise more control

The wet sandblasting process affords the user improved process and quality monitoring by giving in-depth governance to the operational processes. When it comes to the parameters associated with mechanical surface treatments, it can become challenging to control and measure all of the variable components.

With the use of wet blasting machines, the user is able to create the ideal working conditions required to increase the durability and performance of the products that are being treated.

Improvement in the cleanliness factor

The simultaneous capacity of the mixed slurry that can alter both the profile of the surface and clean away pollutants at the same time makes wet sandblasting extremely responsive once it has been prepared.

When the first layer of fabrics, paint and other components are washed once, it leaves the nascent surface with an unparalleled smooth and consistent finish after just one step of the process.

This capacity to donate such a clean and receptive exterior makes this a perfect pre-treatment option for numerous items that need further enhancements or work to achieve the desired result.

Improved finishes

The capacity to work with added substances, such as degreasing specialists or inhibitors, can move forward the value added by wet sandblasting machinery and equipment when the steps are being combined.

The water dispenses with any inactive construct up and increments the media stream over the workpieces, which strives the consistency of the method to allow more homogenous wraps up. The moved forward wraps up are basic in businesses where consistency is critical for the fabricating prepare and downstream applications such as holding or coating.

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