NRW Civil and Mining – South Flank Mine Site 2019/2020

NRW Civil and Mining Main

Kwikcut was engaged by NRW to rectify multiple grout tubes that had become misaligned during some of the concrete pours at the South Flank Project in Newman.


● We designed a 45-degree nozzle for the end of our sandblasting unit and drafted a methodology for the rectification process.
● The process began with scanning to locate the largest diameter reinforcement and all critical reinforcement, which was to be avoided during the core drilling process.
● We scanned all the areas required to be remediated and supplied a detailed report to the on-site engineering team. Once the core drilling was approved, the works commenced.
● We finished all the core drilling and began the sandblasting works to create micro-keying to the surfaces inside the cored holes.


● A Multifaceted project which included issues with reinforcement clashes, overcome by using ground penetrating radar to avoid cutting reinforcement.
● Due to performance on site additional works were completed for Cape Utilities and Melcor.