Renovating? How to Safely Get Rid of Unwanted Bitumen

How to Safely Get Rid of Unwanted Bitumen

Renovating a home can be a tonne of work. And it is made all the more complex when you have Bitumen and other strong materials to contend with.

In order to successfully renovate your home you will need access to concrete specialists who can handle wet sand blasting, concrete cutting, core drilling, concrete polishing, floor/wire/saw drilling, and more.

What is Bitumen Anyway?

Bitumen is commonly referred to as Asphalt or tarmac. It is a Black and viscous (or semi-viscous) form of petroleum, frequently used on driveways and pavements. It is built to stick and built to stay. So you need to get help in its removal, and powerful tools are also required.

Technically, Bitumen is a form of concrete and this is what it will be referred to by engineers and professionals in the industry. There are many different kinds of Bitumen and it can be used as a veneer over roadways to reduce noise and increase friction between tyres and roads.

Bitumen can crack over time due to a variety of influences. This could be one reason for you to remove unwanted Bitumen that you have placed on your driveway. Frost can be especially damaging, but it will all come down to how expertly the Bitumen was placed and of what type and quality.

Bitumen is not only used on roads, pavements, and driveways. It is also used as an adhesive between bricks and concrete. The downside is that this is a form of concrete adhesive which is quite difficult to remove.

How to Remove Bitumen

There is no other way to remove Bitumen other than by using a mechanical method. Because it is a form of concrete, it simply does not dissolve. Even when you remove the material mechanically, you will need to poilish the surface in order to remove or smooth the residue.

If you are looking for Bitumen removal Perth and/or concrete cutting services, then you need to hire professionals. Kwikcut has over 10 years experience in the industry. Reasons to use these services include:

  • They already have the powerful (and expensive) tools at hand.
  • They have the expertise.
  • They have been in business for 10 years
  • Removing it without experience can be dangerous.
  • Removing it without experience can be very expensive if it goes wrong.

Because Bitumen is used to stick two materials together (such as two bricks), you would need knowledge of more than just Bitumen removal to safely complete the project.

Tools and Pricing

The estimates for the removal of Bitumen can vary dramatically and depends on a number of factors. You can rent all the tools and protective clothing (visor, gloves, boots, etc) for less than $500 a day. You will also need to pay recycling fees.

If you are attempting to do it yourself, then you will need to purchase some heavy duty equipment. You will need to buy or rent an electric jackhammer. A concrete saw can be used if you need to cut a straight line in the Bitumen. For large projects, a bobcat might be necessary (renting this will cost about $150 a day). If you are embarking on a large project, then you will need a truck to take it for recycling afterwards.

In truth, the only real way to safely remove Bitumen is to hire experts in the field. Otherwise, be prepared to invest in a lot of power tools and a lot of protective gear. Bitumen removal is not a casual job. Companies will charge per square foot ($2 – $5), but smaller jobs may cost more.

Other Aspects of Home Renovation

When renovating a home (as opposed to merely redecorating or shifting around some furniture), you are going to have a host of ancillary requirements. You need to consult with professionals while planning out the project, and will need to hire demolition experts, concrete grinders, core drilling, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, the list can go on and on and one.

So ensure that you perform your due diligence and pinpoint exactly what it is that you need and that the team you hire has the skills to do the job. Ideally, it is preferable to get a good team that can handle a large variety of tasks, instead of hiring individual contractors to complete each and every job.

The end result will be a disjointed project with a lack of cohesion between the different construction professionals. Your bitumen removal specialist should also be able to cater to concrete grinding, concrete polishing, concrete scanning, wall chasing, wet sand blasting, concrete cutting and removal, core drilling, demolition, wire sawing, floor sawing, and wall sawing.

The Bottom Line of Bitumen Removal Perth

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